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Out Of The Blue!

For those of you who may not be a fan of the blues it’s time to get on board I reckon. From deep inky moody hues, to grey green ocean-y blues through to vibrant shots of cobalt, blue is where it’s at! Go the whole hog (we always do) and transform your space with our very own Rivington Blue for true drama and atmosphere. Or you can dip your toes in by adding blue accents with stunning handmade tableware or bed linen from Paris. Beautiful blue hues will give you an instant shot of glamour with a moody edge. So no baby blues (hello), light blues or mid blues – it’s all about depth, tone and drama. I say Blue-sky thinking is here to stay!


artStudy of Amtipathes

This amazing piece looks like its come straight from the natural history museum and on to our walls. With a deeply impressive frame this art work is an instant family heirloom 96 x 66 x 5 cm,  £395 –Abigail Ahern




rivingtonRivington blue paint

Soft with immense warmth it’s also deeply mysterious and a little elusive. Great for hallways, bedrooms and studies From £2.50 tester – Abigail Ahern


Throw in some cobalt blue, especially one that has a tribal feel and teams up with a striking pattern. This hand carved bench from superstar designer Paolo Navone is bold and beautiful £798 –




table lampTable lamp 

This sleek little table lamp is in just the right hue and perfect for bedside reading Bicnic lamp 14 x 14 x 20 cm, £126 –






This gorgeous bedding is made from the most heavenly linen and is a transformative addition to any bedroom, including mine!  It’s also available in a whole host of colours and now delivering to the UK so you don’t need to add the price of a Eurostar ticket onto your purchase. Although as I’m in Paris right now I doing my best to end this work day early and whiz across the left bank over there!

Indigo blue bedding cushion covers from €14.90 –





Described as never quite the same these tiles have a truly unique quality. All are handmade and totally exquisite from this Paris institution, which makes tiles for the finest walls on the planet!

Blue Gris Moyen sample 10 x 10cm €2.50 –





This amazing dinnerware series will have you gazing at your plates, the depth of colour is to die for and will make even the simplest of suppers super chic. Bleu de four dinnerware from £29 –





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