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It’s all gloss, glam and high-voltage colour in this Art Deco Paris pad. It looks bold and totally modern, but was actually decorated in 1948! This is what I meant when I was talking about the importance of timelessness the other day – I mean how many apartments can be left untouched for almost 70 years and still look this cool??

I spotted it in AD France last month, when the whole apartment was up for auction at Christie’s. Although I shudder to think how many squillions it might have gone for, (panoramic penthouse views of the Seine don’t come cheap!) there are plenty of ideas to steal for those of us on a budget. First up, the wall treatments and textiles seriously up the glam quota. The kelly green lacquer walls are to die for, and definitely only for the brave. Lacquer look or mirrored panelled walls are fab in smaller spaces, or anywhere that needs a touch of glam, like bathrooms or dressing rooms. Elsewhere luxe materials like velvets, mirrors, leathers abound and are used in unexpected places, like suede curtains and parchment tables.

The colour combos are a treat too. That kelly green is offset with rich golden woods and caramel suede sofas, then all ramped up with unexpected shots of red and burgundy hues from the 1927 antique carpet. There’s a LOT of colour going on, but the colour palette is so consistent throughout that it still makes sense and doesn’t tip over into crazyville. I’ve said it a gazillion times, but that’s the magic of reigning in your colour palette. Finally, it’s all topped off with creamy, calming but still ulta-glam neutrals in the bedroom. Perfect for a soothing retreat at the end of the day – just fab. It reminds me of Kelly Wearstler’s beach house actually. Kind of crazy that you can rock the same style in an Art Deco Parisian flat and an uber modern Malibu holiday pad – timeless, I tell you.

Most of all I love how you can feel the history and character of the place. The most stylish interiors always have heaps of personality, which is why you can’t achieve the same effect with some sterile show home. The whole building has a fascinating history and major design pedigree, with designers, architects, missing soldiers and painters all calling it home at some point! Be sure to check out the full feature and more photos at AD France, it’s a great story.

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