25 Mar


Each year I think I must learn something new like figuring out how to speak Italian or learn about gardening, cooking, film-making, bee-keeping, art, a better knowledge of jazz. It’s quite a long list and too ambitious, (as always) as I never do any of them. but recently I’m thinking that shorter workshops or day classes are the way to go. Far less time commitment, and with my schedule it’s perfect. Here are some recent ones I’m fancying, in no particular order:



The Wild Side of Life offers courses in hunting and gathering wild foods and medicines. Also wilderness and survival skills which I don’t think I’ll be needing, although you never know! I love the sound of these classes. Whether you want to create fabulous spring salads, soups, harvest wild berries and forage for mushrooms, catch crayfish, or use wild plants for First Aid, these guys have a ton of courses. I for one fancy all of them.



I’m a little (a lot) into craft beer, so the fact that my local brewery in London Fields is holding home brewing masterclasses sounds pretty darn perfect to me. It’s a day class, with lunch in the Tap Room and you get to leave with a demijohn of the beer you brewed. How cool is that? And fab as a present I’m thinking.



Other classes on my to do list include learning how to make a film with the London Film School (giving the M’s leading roles of course), portrait classes with Candid Arts and learning vegetable basics with the National Trust.

Not to mention my very own Design School of course, each month in London I sling open the doors of my pad and give you an insight into how to decorate differently! There’s a fabulous lunch, a wander around the house, a class of prosecco afterwards, it’s a lovely day. Even though I’m technically running that one and not on it as such, I always learn loads from talking to my brilliantly design-savvy guests. Some of the top tips I’ve ever had come from Design School days!

I don’t know about you guys but I never want to stop learning, particularly if it’s in a fun environment with a lot of like minded people. So day classes are the way to go I reckon. If you have been on any other fabulous classes do let me know and I will add to my list. Happy Wednesday!

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