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Puppy Love

In honour of world puppy day I am dedicating today’s post to my lovely pooches, who I adore! Mungo and Maud (or the two M’s, as I call them) are the two biggest things I’ve done in making my house a home. Abigail Ahern Abigail 3 Seat Sofa in Baltic Roosevelt velvet £1910 (2)

Photo: Mungo looking so cute

The M’s and their funny comedic ways. I once vowed they wouldn’t sleep on the bed and these days I’m the one scrunched into the smallest space. Maud is either under the duvet legs in the air, (when that gets too hot she’s next to me face on pillow) and Mungo is sprawled at the end. They’re naughty, they’re kind and they make me laugh on a daily basis. They’ve made me less prissy, toys are constantly out of their basket flung and hidden all over the place as are bones. They trudge in dirt, race around the lower ground before supper every evening bunching up all the rugs and they’re constantly barking at birds, cats, squirrels – anything that moves. I can’t imagine life without them.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.09.09

Photo: Maud looking pensive

Anyone can design a space, but creating a home you want to linger in all night and yabber in, well that’s harder. Creating comfortable spaces that naturally feel right takes skill. and when you think about it, it comes down to adding thoughtful pieces (good quality, sensual) items that stand the test of time and that you constantly want to touch – like those M’s of mine!

Happy National Puppy Day everyone!



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