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Pushing Boundaries

Short post this morning, as this week is a crazy one. We’re short on staff so there is a little more pressure on the rest of us, tons of deliveries are arriving every day including all sorts of amazing stuff for the store, throw in two days of teaching over the weekend, a photography day and a few meetings into that mix and my week is bonkers! Last night we were supposed to go out to celebrate G’s birthday, instead we put our PJs on at 7.00, ordered a take-out, sipped some biodynamic red and watched The Good Wife! Does that sound terribly boring? I’m thinking it does. I just couldn’t walk and I’ve done something to my hips and am in a lot of pain, G was done in with the warehouse which we both had to zoom up to to unload a heap of flowers when they arrived, so that was our evening. Hardly glamorous but hey!

I want  to show you this morning one of the most amazing houses around. I gravitate towards homes that break rules – not to be gimmicky or on trend but because they are memorable and intriguing and they linger in your mind longer. This morning I wanted to show you Solange Azagury-Partridge’s pad recently showcased in Architectural Digest, France. For anyone who doesn’t know Solange creates vibrant and unconventional jewellery and her house is just the same.

People are often scared of using pattern, which is one of the reasons I wanted to show you this house. Patterns abound, all the colours are rich and saturated – you look at these pictures and you feel like you’ve suddenly been transported to a totally cool new world. I love!

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