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We are thinking of running some more courses over at the Design School as they are proving rather popular so I came up with the following, listed below. What do you guys think? Some of these will run for half days over the weekend so far on fb Retail and Finishing Touches are ahead.

Supermarket Surprise – how to turn your pad into a super cool abode by buying stuff off the shelf. 1/2 Day

Retail class. `imparting all my knowledge, tricks of the trade, insider advice about how to launch your own retail business 1/2 Day

Short Cuts to Decorating – how to turn your pad from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

Finishing Touches – Accessories are the 5 minute facelift of the decorating world. Learn how to accessorize and layer with attitude

Entertaining 1/2 Day. Wow friends, family or colleagues with innovative flower arrangements and some unique super cool tips.

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