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Please excuse the rather late post today (hopelessly late)– the wholesale collection which we are debuting at Maison Objet in September is proving a little more complicated than first imagined and is causing quite a headache. Sure it will all be all right on the night as they say but feeling a bit drained of energy to say the least. The lack of desirable merchandise out there has prompted us to produce our very own range but beginning to find out being a manufacturer so to speak is a whole other ball game.

Tomorrow just to warn there will be no post as I am off for a meeting in Paris and leaving at the ungodly hour of 4.45. With all these early mornings of late I’m thinking maybe I should switch to a career in farming! Keeping bees and milking the odd cow is sounding strangely appealing.Anyway enough of me moaning on – I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention how fabulous it can be to highlight trim or woodwork.  I remember seeing Martyn Thompson’s NY pad a while back – and whilst his trim was deepest darkest black (the walls were white) the image below shows woodwork in boldest, brightest orange.Point being it really vamps things up with a high voltage burst of colour. Doorways are also great painted a different hue Tricia Guild has been doing this for years – and it makes transitioning from room to room an experience to saviour.

Happy evening (afternoon, morning everyone) – Gem my sister is staying over as we are both in Paris tomorrow so she’s sleeping over (Maud will be terribly excited) and we are about to call it a day and sit in the garden sipping Prosseco in the late afternoon sunshine discussing guess what. Work, manufacturing, and all that  schbang.

Photography Damian Russell

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