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Refeshing mantles and shelves

With spring just around the corner I feel like its time for a bit of a mantle refresh. Nothing major just a bit of a tweak here and there.  Changing up mantles and shelves can literally change up the feel of your whole room, pretty exciting for such  a small area no? Plus it keeps you’re rooms from feeling too stagnant.

Mantles and shelves say a lot about us and can have dramatic impact if you get it right. From art to flowers they can mirror the style of the room be that minimalist or maximalist, traditional or modern.

For me flowers and foliage play a big part – blossoms in spring, berries in winter, peonies in summer – donzo! I don’t like symmetry its far to conventional and easy to pull off so I’m forever breaking it up. Decorative boxes are great for mantles you can plop things on or leave unadorned, as are books. Then maybe a couple of candlesticks, or t-lights a lamp and you’re pretty much done. Nothing better I find than pottering around the house on the weekend swapping up this with that – but then I’m pretty obsessed with interiors which I’m hoping is a good thing!

a1Something I’m pretty proud of are these snakeskin boxes I designed for my new spring range at Debenhams. Perfect for jewellery, keys, bits and bobs they’ll look great on mantles I’m thinking because they’re patterned (pattern adds pizazz) and they are oh so sleek!

aDoesn’t get much simplier than this right. A collection of vessels with flowers. Super cool!

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