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Running your own business is hard work it can also be incredibly demotivating but in order to be successful you’ve got to stay motived, inspired, and happy. Not always easy when you’re knee deep in paperwork, problems and stress! This is how to get your mojo back, and stay inspired.

Make work feel like home

I’m lucky I know because my studio is in my pad and it feels as cool as all the other rooms. If you don’t work from home and have a cube or a desk in a boring building I’m here to tell you to give it some attention. Any space devoid of personality isn’t a productive one. The minute you start adding the odd plant, picture, flowers is the minute you get motivated.

Going for a walk

A spin around the block, a stroll to the coffee house, – there’s nothing like fresh air to reinvigorate the mind – its gets you out of your chair and recalibrates the mind. Creative inspiration comes when the head is clear – the ideas come racing I find.

Create a gang

How about getting together with like-minded people in your area – a physical catch up. We used to do this when I had a store in Cross Street a number of us (store owners) would all go to the pub once a month and yabber about all things retail – conversations about challenges, inspiring stuff, life, work – it was fun – not just as a business building exercise – but it was also inspiring at the same time.

Find a mentor

Not by asking a stranger but through inspiring people you’re already interacting and working with. People who know you. Strangers (especially people in the media and public eye) will almost all the time say ‘no’. From experience the reason being is firstly we don’t have the time and secondly we don’t have a relationship with you and know how you operate. If you don’t know any influencers start following their work and build your support network by reaching out to groups within and without your line of business.

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