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Renter’s paradise

I get asked a lot about how to decorate when you’re renting, because the fear seems to be that you can never achieve a gorgeously decorated atmosphere in a rented space. Well believe it or not this fab apartment is a rental. Matt Carollo has made his Chicago apartment a seriously cool hang-out.

Obviously it helps if you’re able to paint walls and put up artwork, but there are loads of other ideas for renters to steal too. The pictures propped on the floor and up against walls, eclectic furniture mish-mash, cool lamps and brilliantly styled vignettes are tricks anyone can use to put their own individual stamp on a place. Just like in my pad there are literally no gaps, here all the consoles, coffee tables and every surface are bursting with Matt’s personal collections (and some great reading material!).

Enjoy the interiors eye candy! You can see even more pictures and read the full interview with Matt at

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