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Since launching my new Australia Design Masterclass, I have been obsessed with looking for inspirational spaces to hold the classes. Instead of using stuffy lecture halls I want a space that is large, beautiful and practical. Having rummaged around my favourite design spaces, I stumbled across Warehouse Home who are all about warehouse and loft conversions and found myself down a bit of a rabbit hole – I think their book goes on sale today.

This beautiful Australian home, once an industrial bakery churning out hundreds of breads and buns is the kind of place I dream of holding my classes. Full of natural light, space for people to mingle and be inspired by their surroundings.  The disused Bakery, newly renovated by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects have effortlessly converted the industrial space into a large open plan home with vintage furniture and urban details.

The casual balance of cosy and practical has seemed to enrich the space with a carefully selected material palette: steel, timber, concrete, calcareous stone – making it super-intimate while keeping its industrial roots.

The open space creates oodles of light so copious amounts of natural light can flood into the lower ground floor. The use of a simple but elegantly placed staircase extenuates the height of the space and gives a polished sculptural vibe.



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