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Roman & Williams rustic country cool

I am the biggest fan of the design powerhouse Roman and Williams, and their weekender pad in Montauk sits in my inspiration folder. In my next life I want a weekender in Montauk where I could potter round the garden on the weekend, swim in the ocean, cook something yummy and then drive back to that amazing city (NYC) late Sunday night, refreshed and ready to start the week. That’s in my next life, in my current one I’m up at 4.30 like today about to meet Gem and run out. Such is life!

Although this space looks so causally thrown together there is a lot of thought put behind it. Isn’t there always! Anything successful looks super easy and let me tell you it’s the exact opposite in design and in business.

First off let’s nail the vibe – it’s luxe meets laid back meets surfer cool – a win-win combo I reckon. It’s also cosy the sofa covered in sheepskins is perfect for a post lunch snooze. It marries so beautifully that rough around the edges but sophisticated vibe, something that I am drawn to again and again.

It’s textured, layered and personal. It’s why I actually bang on all the time about buying stuff you love because when you do you create your own aesthetic that feels extremely personal and unique to you. Vintage pieces weave their own story along with found objects and lots of art. It’s feels elegant yet spontaneous at the same time – a hard thing to do and again (I know I say it a thousand times) it has a reigned in colour palette.

Adore! In fact watch this Mr Porter video, it’s all about catching fish in Montauk (stay with me) you’ll want to walk along the shore, forage for a few things and cook in the open air. Well I do at least!


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