Anyone who has been to one of my Design Classes knows how obsessed I am with curves. We generally live in square-ish, rectangular-ish rooms, so when you have pieces with a lot of rectangular sharp lines the whole thing can feel a little brittle and uptight. Once you start introducing softer pieces that are more shapely or circular (think round mirrors, cool lighting, unusual table shapes) you’ll introduce a much cooler vibe. 







By simply placing a mirror opposite or next to a window can hugely increase the amount of natural light into a room. A mirror will harness any daylight possible (no matter how gloomy the sky is outside) so the bigger the mirror, the brighter the space.


Choosing unusual lighting shapes adds intrigue into a space, and instantly adds character. I love playing around with adding table lamps instead of using conventional lighting. I have table lamps all over my pad from my kitchen to my bedroom, which creates cosy vibes and ramps up the style stacks.



You don’t need to overdose on it either, a few pieces will turn things around in a nano second, just remember to break up all those straight lines!



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