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Sneak Peak

Will be posting more images in due course but wanted to share with you a few photographs we had taken of our store by the fabulous photographer Graham Atkins Hughes.

The black chairs are new in (I’ve ordered two for the garden – sorry honey)! and as you will see its been designed very much like a home. Have layered the floor with rugs and rasta’s and the walls with mirrors and art. I have to say  everything you see in  this image I actually have at home apart from the blue rhino on the back wall and he is a one off so I couldn’t very well pinch. So yes its true I don’t buy anything I wouldn’t want in my own pad.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Our poodle light the first in our own range of lighting with more to come very shortly.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Happy weekend everyone. Ours is a simple one a potter to the farmers market, spot of gardening, cooking with jazz oh and training lessons for Maud.

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