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Sneak peeks

I have a lot of different projects brewing right now, but one thing is so super exciting that I’m busting to tell you all. I’m going to be launching my own brand new collection of own-label products. Over 100 pieces – furniture, lighting, textiles, plants, accessories, art, the works!

My foray into design, my dog lights, took us all by surprise with some of the coolest stockists around the world selling them. They’re still some of our bestsellers too. Coming up with a second range has been a bit like the second album syndrome. The dog lights were so successful that in a strange way (as odd as this sounds) it’s made this collection hard to develop. I’ve scrapped a hundred ideas, I’ve had things cast and samples made only to be scrapped again. I’m a true perfectionist, so it’s a long slow process!

This new collection won’t be launched until January 2015 in Paris, so we are a little way off yet but I get the final samples for approval soon. Sofas, side tables, vases – beautiful vases, plants (OMG the plants cannot tell you how amazing these are looking) and sculptures all arriving in the next few weeks. It’s simultaneously probably the scariest and most exciting thing I’ve done to date.

I’ve been particularly inspired by Palm Beach (since working on the spa for the Ritz Carlton hotel there). All the pieces in the collection are extremely glam and grown up, with the odd bit of quirk thrown in. I’ve used super luxurious materials, marbles, golds, luxurious tactile upholstery and lots and lots of green. The plants are very tropical, and a ton of fun. I’ve been a bit obsessed with all things botanical and entomological, and I truly truly cannot wait to be able to show you it all!


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