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Some thank you’s

This morning is a morning of thank you’s, typically I know saved for the end of the year but when you’re your own boss the biggest perk of the job is you can do whatever you want whenever you want!

So without further ado thank you to everyone who came to our party at Heal’s last Thursday. Carols, processco, and lots of workshops totally got us all in the mood for the holidays. Talking of holidays apologies for our website crashing on Black Friday – it couldn’t quite cope with the demand. We quickly got it back up and running but thank you for your patience. Our SALE by the way lasts for one more day only (today).Oh and regrettably I’m having to scale back on Design Classes next year (crazy travel schedule) so there are only a few up. Feb’s has completely sold out and apparently there are just a few spaces left for March so if you’re wanting to give one as a Christmas present best book fast.

Another big (huge) thank you goes out to Gwyneth Paltrow and her blog Goop  for giving our faux florist at Heal’s the best shout out. The endorsements and feed back not to mention sales we have been getting are amazing. We have tried to do something different to every retailer out there and create and manufacter a selection of blooms that literally stops you in your tracks. From the most amazing wreaths, to bouquets, to single stems, to magnificent English foliages and foraged finds to plants. I can’t tell you how flattered and delighted we all are to have this recongnised. From being interviewed on Radio 4 about them to the incredible press coverage they have gotten to Gwyneth’s shout out has made all the hard work so very worth while. All the hours zig zagging the globe to the Far East,  spending what feel’s like a huge chunk of my life away and taking one of the biggest business risks of our life to date has so paid off. Thank you to everyone who has brought them and written about them, we are so very delighted and to be quite truthful about it a little overwhelmed!

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