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Spilling the beans

On the weekend we brought from eBay a cabin/summer house/shack. It’s going at the end of the garden as a little room at the end of the day that I can sit/read/yabber and or just chill. Surrounded by all our trees and the high walls of our garden I’m hoping to make it the most perfect retreat. When I show you the before pictures you will think I’ve lost the plot (its not so nice looking) but I see potential. It’s bijou to say the least but I’m going to design it so I can pull up a chair around a fire (I have ambitious plans for G to build a fireplace in it) and even put a desk in there so I can write at times. We haven’t gotten it yet, G has to drive 3 hours tomorrow to dismantle and pick up. Exciting hey!

Enough about me and my cabin lets talk business. Nothing better than demystifying the mystery that surrounds ‘interior design’ I reckon. I am on somewhat of a mission this year as its gotten far too snooty in my book. Here are my go to tips that will set your rooms apart, and that you can do yourself:

Want your room to look bigger than it really is, opt for low furniture. Simplest trick out there!

To take a place to the next level you’ve got to get a little imperfect I’m talking about adding sheepskins, clay pots, wood, natural wool that kind of thing, homespun, handmade, raw and beautiful.

Having a few problems with the electronics looking ugly? They will disappear if you paint the wall out behind a similar hue!

Easy peasy no?

Hang art lower than you feel comfortable so it becomes part of the overhaul vignette. Think table or console, books, plants, low painting. Nailed!

Create friction as much as you possibly can. I’m talking combining light and dark, rough with smooth, a bit of old with a bit of new.

Oh and if you high gloss your ceiling it will look even higher!

Want to make an inexpensive piece of art look really expensive. Ornate frame it simple as that!

Few more before I go..

Lean a mirror against a wall at an angle. Reflect your garden or fireplace or anything cool, not only is it visually appealing it also expands horizons and adds depth. Win win!

Don’t make everything symmetrical it will look like you decorated it by numbers and lastly clusters of objects look far more impressive than one of two things on a shelf. No matter what they are!

And there you have it!


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