06 Mar


For Mother’s Day I wanted to share this MyDomaine article on what 12 designers have learned from their mothers – it’s an oldie but a goodie. I’m in very illustrious company in this list, and it’s a fab post giving an insight into some very stylish mother figures!

I wanted to thank my mother for teaching me to be brave, to experiment, and most of all to forge my own path. She’s an artist, and her carefree attitude towards design is the best lesson I’ve learnt. One year I remember white walls and custom furniture my parents had built, the next walls were deepest darkest red. My mother (both my parents in fact) taught me not to be tentative about anything, to always try. I might not have realised it at the time but following your heart and doing what you want as they did has shaped the way I design and run my business. It has enabled me to let go of any niggling doubts about fitting in, and through her I’ve learned to follow my very own path. Thank you! Here’s to Mummy’s everywhere today.





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