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Styling 101

I should kick start the day off today by saying at 11am this morning we have a flash sale of mostly one off pieces from my pad. With our own label products arriving thick and fast there simply isn’t enough room in the house so I’m making way and selling off some things including my giant flocked blue angle poise, ballroom chandeliers, some art and other stuff. Exciting, goes live on the website at 11am!

If anyone has been watching my Instagram feed of late you will see that I’ve transformed our downstairs den. The bookcase wallpaper which I’ve had up since I converted to the dark side and has gotten us a ton of attention around the world has gone. I felt like it was time for a change. This decision probably took me about 6 months to actually initiate as I worried whatever I did wouldn’t look half as good but boy its even better. Although the images above show the space as it was a few weeks ago it’s moved on leaps and bounds since then with art totally transforming it. Just waiting for the last painting and then I can reveal. I thought it would be fun to go through the stages of taking it from a small little nook into something far more tantalising.

The first thing we did was paint the double height wall out the same colour as the rest of the walls in the lower ground floor, Madison Grey. Inky, green-y grey I want to swim in this hue and it looks amazing with the glass windows and a forest-y garden beyond.

Because my vibe is a little more glam and sophisticated these days and less quirky all the accessories are tied into this palette rather than standing and popping out. So the wow factor now comes from either the scale of the pieces or it’s texture or material as opposed to a major contrast in colour. Once the cabinet went in I added a mirror which has been washed in a soft gold so its quite magical. Double plus it’s a tall vertical so it gives me an interesting rhythm. You never want everything the same size. I digress, I then layered all my accessories around it, and again once the painting arrives I will give you an update as the new label stuff is replacing a lot of the old stuff you see in the image and so it looks even cooler! This is quite a small area and yet I’ve plopped 4 lights in the space all incandescent and all adding little pools of light. Magical!

I can’t bang on enough about lighting and how transformative it is to a space!

Oh I should say I purposely off-centered the mirror its more interesting when you don’t go so predictable and I felt once the art was in it wouldn’t look as odd, which it doesn’t! Then I added a heap of cactus, some lamps, books, scented rocks, glossy glass vases, and the odd t-light and there you have it. Nailed.

Well nearly






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