06 Aug

5 things every home needs

Yard sale day today, yay hay. Stuff I’ve pulled from my pad, the warehouse, prototypes of some new products for our own label that we are not going forward with. Rugs, wicker elephant tables, lamps, art, chairs (zillions of chairs) all goes live on the website at 11 am! Today I thought I would concentrate on 5 items that totally change-up the vibe of a home.  I’m not talking essentials that get us by I’m talking pieces that we will want no matter if we move continents or just around the block. I say this a lot but when you...
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02 Jul

How to pull off a tailored room fit for a groomed gent

Tailored rooms There is something supremely comforting about a tailored room a la gentleman’s drinking club. Sophisticated and handsome such rooms exude style, glamour, possibly a little wit  and I am obsessed with them.  How to pull them off though is the key – because you’ll be wanting them to feel edgy not uptight, relaxed not stuffy. Think European hunting lodges and big open fires, grand old art, big thick rugs all updated of course to give the space a modern edge! The colour palette When you think of rooms fit for a groomed gent it’s all to do with...
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30 Jun


I have a few pet peeves like say furniture shoved against the perimeter of rooms or white ceilings or matching sets of things or empty coffee tables. I guess that is a little more than a few! Whenever I see an empty table or even worse a table with a just a couple of sad remotes on it’s time to pop a pill! For me minimalism and coffee tables don’t really go together. You don’t need to go overboard and over laden them but I think the minute you start layering up your table it turns your space into something just that little bit...
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