17 Mar


It’s official. Spring is pretty much upon us I reckon. The days are lighter (even finishing work in daylight hours sometimes at the mo! Whoop), the blossom has come out in my ‘hood and all I can think of is shaking out the rugs, pulling back the double-height door and getting outside. Granted it’s still pretty chilly, so beanie hat, gloves and ginormous coat are still obligatory for morning dog walks. But I’m definitely feeling that buzz that only a new season gives you. The pad is officially getting spruced up too. I’ve been zigzagging back and forth from here to Stockholm, Singapore,...
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02 Mar


  Do you know what prompted my move to the dark side? I painted out just one alcove in grey about 8 years ago, and that was it. That was my conversion! I’ve since produced my own paint range and embraced a whole palette of inky, sludgy or berry hues. But it was greys that started it all, and I still have such a soft spot for them. Greys aren’t just a passing phase, they’re the go-to neutral. It’s so versatile that it can work for any style, anywhere. I fell in love with greys really quickly – maybe too quickly...
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16 Feb


  I get questions all the time from people who are fully signed up to taking the plunge and going to the dark side, but are suddenly hit by a load of other dilemmas. Sure, you’re committed to painting your walls the most sumptuous, intoxicating, sexily sophisticated inky hue imaginable, but what about all the woodwork? And those pesky window frames? And radiators?! Well never fear, because I’ve gathered all the FAQ’s I get into one place to help you out. So now you have no excuses not to paint it black (or mulberry, or grey, or inky blue…)! First things first – I’m...
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