16 Oct

Taking risks with paint

No hefty budget needed, paint is the single more transformative and cheapest thing you can do to any room, EVER. I never quite understand why so many people are so scared of it. If you hate it you can change it up again pretty quickly. I’ve painted walls aubergine, teal, a lilac-y grey, a funny kind of tan even – none of which quite worked in the rooms I tried. Has it put me off paint? Nope. It’s been a bit of a pain in the ass returning it back, but in the general scheme of things going wrong has then always...
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09 Oct

My fail safe approach to decorating with bold hues

I get asked a lot about colour, which is fine by me as I am pretty darn obsessed with it. Hey I’m writing a book on colour after all, and it is the most transformative thing you can do to your pad EVER. Nothing cheaper, nothing so game-changing.  More often than not the questions are the same, how to pull off a daring look when partners are not on board, you’ve got a small space or a low ceiling, friends and family think you’ve lost the plot, you live in a warm climate, the space is facing the wrong direction, on and on...
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12 Sep

How to create the wow factor at home

Forgive yesterday’s lack of design post, Gem and I were in the store super early to jig it up. We’ve actually changed it around big time so there is now a much bigger flower shop at the back with the  most beautiful selection of faux’s I have ever seen, if I am allowed to say such things. It actually makes me excited to think its autumn! Which brings me so nicely to this mornings post – How to create the wow factor at home! Flowers are obviously the easiest thing to do. I’ve brought home bundles from big feathery eucalyptus  to die...
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