03 Jun


Colour is clever. It can uplift, invigorate, soothe, intrigue – basically it’s a mood-changer. The best thing is that boring old magnolia is losing some of its attraction with more people willing to experiment with different hues from dark to bright. I ran a poll across my social media channels recently and I’ve highlighted some of your favourite hues, which pretty much mirror my own, yay hey to that! Check out the slide show to see more! Doing my own personal poll I would say I get asked more about paint and colour than anything else. So I’ve put together...
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02 Jun

A Trend Worth Following

Wowzers you guys - the feedback on my Biz Column has been incredible with tweets, comments and tons and tons of emails. AMAZING thank you so much for your incredible response. I think I was on a high the whole weekend. Thank you so much. Now I’m not a lover of trends,  I don’t follow them because no sooner than they’re in they’re  out. This isn’t so much a trend rather its a movement that’s gaining momentum. I’m talking Home Libraries. Rather than having books dotted all over, anchoring them in one spot to create a home library is the way to go. Not only does it take any space...
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30 May

A Heads Up On Mixing Styles; From Retro to Hollywood Glam…

Before we kick off today’s post I would just like to say the biggest thank you to you guys for such positive feedback on the new looking blog. It’s made all the hard work so worth while, in fact we are a little overwhelmed with the response.  The stats this morning made me almost fall off my chair and scream ‘say what’! Today I thought I would talk about mixing styles in that eclectic way which we all love to do. It’s an extremely hard thing to pull off (not trying to put you off here) because nothing matches BUT YET your...
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