08 Dec

Things to avoid when arranging flowers

Morning, hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. We had a moving stuff around kind of weekend. Anyone following me on Instagram would have seen lots of sneak peaks of our own label products arriving, including a fabulous sofa which we spent most of Saturday moving all over the house. That being the royal we since I’m not supposed to lift anything with the hip thing. I was going to put it by the dining table except we swapped out our round wooden table for an oval marble one and that changed the whole vibe of the room. The pendant which...
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29 Oct

How to add irreverence and fun to your pad

Back in from China, a little travel weary but nothing that a few good sleeps won’t sort out. China was amazing we went to sort out some production problems and have come back having added another 12 pieces to the collection, whoops. House in Italy is now on hold, all money is going straight on our own label which before I went I said I would never do but then I saw how good one of our chairs is looking and I’m like we have to do more. I think I might be living on beans on toast for a very...
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11 Jun

Your Ultimate Summertime accessories

Summertime and the living is easy…. Well, not quite of course, as much as I would love to take the summer off there’s heaps to do but it’s easier somehow with a relaxed summertime breeze wafting through the studio. Whilst some people think about their summer wardrobe I’m all about summering up my pad. I’m not talking painting it out white and adopting a seaside theme- hell no (you crazy)! for me its more about but adding a few supercool updates.  A bit of boho, a bit of glam and yes even the odd crab platter – I’m serious. Here are my top 6...
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