22 Aug


Having lived in America for a few years I’ve still kept some Americanisms. It drives my team mad, and I know I’ve been called out about it on the blog too! The main culprits are as follows: cell phone, Fall, tablescapes and entryways. I’m not sure why these particular words and not others have stuck around on my radar. I guess I must have been saying them constantly or that I actually prefer the American version. Oh, and I muddle the order of dates too. People are always telling me off for saying Fall and not Autumn and cell phone not mobile but there...
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28 Jan


Thought we should talk about hallways to kick today off. Always, repeat always the most neglected rooms in the house in my opinion and yet they set the tone and should of course be as beautiful (if not more!) as any other room. I guess because they are such transitional areas where we always rush through we don’t really have time to think about them. To transform and add the wow factor is pretty easy though. In a small space you can afford to push boundaries and take risks so of course I am going to recommend you play with wallpaper or...
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21 Dec


Here’s a design resolution for 2016 – let’s not neglect our hallways! So often they’re left bare and unadorned, playing second fiddle to other spaces like our living rooms. It doesn’t have to be this way though! Halls can be stunning, jaw on the floor spaces just like any other room – more so even, I’d say. As they’re areas that you’re just passing through, you can go way bolder and ballsier than in a place like your living room or bedroom, where you’ll be lingering for longer. The hallway is your chance to make a statement about you and your amazing style from the...
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