06 Jan

Scoring my bathroom

Scoring my bathroom 4.4DESIGN-OMETER STATEMENT FEATURES3.3 LIGHTING0 TEXTURES3.3 METALLICS0 FLOWERS & PLANTS10 SCENT10 ARTWORK0 Welcome to day two of my fun and fabulous blog posts for the month of January. Yesterday I launched my very own AA design-ometer, to help you go through every step you’ll need to transform a room. As anyone who’s been to my Design Classes and had the tour of my pad over the years knows, I am not a fan of my bathroom! The decision that we made 12 years ago to opt for a limestone floor bothers me immensely. It was perfect in my boring Scandi...
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05 Jan

Introducing the AA Design-Ometer

Morning and a very happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a fabulous time over the holidays if you were celebrating them. For me it’s been mostly a working one (on the new label) although I have to say I’ve had some amazing outdoor swims at the lido. Crisp winter mornings with the light just coming up, and so much steam that you could only see a few feet in front of you, heavenly. I would like to make a few promises about the blog this year. It will tantalize and inspire you to reach for the stars,...
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