07 Oct

Weekly revamp: finishing touches

Congrats on a busy week of revamping. You’re almost done! Today we’re just finishing off with those final touches. Stage one: declutter, stage two (this is the much more fun bit): buy yourself some flowers. First things first is the tidy up I’m afraid. There’s no point doing all that work unless your newly amazing revamped rooms are shown off to their best advantage. Stash those ugly things away – tons of storage or a designated junk drawer are your friends here. It’s amazing how much difference a quick whip-round tidy can do to your space and your mood. If you’re also unlucky...
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06 Oct

Weekly revamp: kitchen

I skipped the swim as I’m in Heal’s for some of the day and I need to get ahead of all my zillions of emails. I have a new idea for our faux flower store which I want to run via Gem. Hasn’t been done before and I think it could be big, as in huge, but I am keeping it close to my chest until Gem and I drill into it a little more and we launch it. We get a lot of emails from small businesses asking us how we handle people imitating us and I will say only...
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05 Oct

Weekly revamp: Bathroom

Hi guys, I hope your weekend projects went well! So far we’ve blitzed living rooms and bedrooms, created extra space and perked up our homes from the outside in. Ploughing right on with the weekly revamp, today it’s bathrooms. These are so often the most neglected rooms in the house. I really think they’re the toughest to get right (I know mine is!). Even super cool pads tend to fall a bit flat when you get to the bathroom or loo. Functional, sterile, dull, dull as ditchwater. I think the quickest way to reset your thinking for a problem space is to decorate it...
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