30 Jun


You guys all know I’m on a steady mission to convert people – over to the dark side, to embracing colour, and to recognising fauxs as the height of chic. So I wanted to say a big thank you to Tatler for being our latest convert. If faux flowers are good enough for the oldest and most exclusive magazine in the UK, then I reckon they’re good enough for everybody!

If you picked a Tatler mag off the newstands this month you might have seen this sumptuous high fashion and jewellery shoot. Well shock horror, the jewels are real, but the flowers are our very own fauxs. Tatler approached us with their modern floral concept and we talked moodboards and ideas, before packing up armfuls and armfuls of our favourite faux flowers to send over to Tatler HQ. The shoot was way back in April, so I’m really excited to be able to finally share the finished photos with you guys now  – the results are stunning, I reckon!

The flower installations are the work of very talented set designer Daryl McGregor. I’ve picked out my fave pics to show you all, but if you want to see the full shoot it’s in the July issue of Tatler. (Only in shops until the end of the week I think, so might have to hurry.)

Oh and a last word on fauxs: one of the best thing is that they’re a lot hardier and more versatile than real flowers so you can think well outside of the box. A full-on wall installation might be a bit much to recreate at home, but if you want to decorate for a party they make great long-lasting wreaths, garlands, hanging pendants and chandeliers suspended from the ceiling even. Hope this inspires you to get creative!

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