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TDF: coolest kitchen tiles

I need a back splash in my kitchen. For years I just painted behind the back of the sink but it looks shoddy and splashed in no time and it’s been on my to do list for yonks. Next week I am taking a few days off work to revamp my pad and do all those little bits and pieces around the place that have been on my mind for ages – first on the list is a backsplash. So for a while I have been searching for some fab tiles and by god I think I have found them.

These Emery & Cie tiles shimmer enticingly. They look delicate yet are hardwearing, and could completely transform backsplashes, bathrooms and little nooks from something bland to something sublime. A fabulous back splash with some beautiful rich lustrous tiles would add oodles of glamour to the kitchen! I’m obsessed with the beautiful pearlescent finish, the light bounces off it and they feel antique yet also modern. They’re all handcut and unique. Perfect so perfect for my dream kitchen – a visual tantalising feast for the eyes.


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