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Textiles for after dinner lounging

First up this tuesday morning a big thank you to Casa Sugar for such a lovely review of my book – beyond appreciated.

With a chill in the air I have started to think about cosying up my pad. I might sound like an odd bod but I happen to love winter – dark evenings to  me mean roaring fires, candlelight, stews on the stove and a big dose of jazz. I want to snuggle in my armchair with an extra soft throw (I think Maud my puppy thinks that what she is and she has taken to curling around my neck whether i’m in my armchair or in my bed)! I am super fussy with textiles (when we first moved into our house it took me a year to save for a throw that adorns my bed – 10 years later its still there and still much loved). Cheap throws and cushions look cheap I think so its worth saving up for.

We stock a beautiful array of textiles from a collective in Italy – the cushions are hand woven from the finest merino wool, hand dyed and some are intershot with silk. Yes they are expensive but in my mind its better to have something that you love and will cherish for a very long time than something that you buy year on year and then chuck. Below are some of the texiles that we have in store and of course I have sneaked a few home!

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Roaring fires, a big helping of apple crumble and a good book – coupled with textiles for after dinner lounging – perfect!

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

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