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I’m off to LA in a few weeks to shoot for my new book (super exciting) and I reckon I might be checking into this place. It’s my latest current obsession, The Ace Hotel.

Designed by the über cool collective Commune who have designed some of the coolest residential and commercial spaces on the planet including all of the stateside Aces. The latest to open is the Ace in downtown LA. I love how they’ve meshed California modernism with some quirky Tinsel town touches. As Vogue so succinctly put it, the result is “a cool kid clubhouse, both laid back and lavish”.

The Ace inhabits the once famous United Artist theatre and it’s been beautifully restored to its original grandeur. Throw into the mix specially commissioned pieces from a checklist of local artists and it feels creative, inspiring yet utterly liveable. Then there’s Ace Hotel’s top-notch food, coffee and drinks by restaurateur Jud Mongell and chef Ken Addington of Brooklyn’s cult eatery Five Leaves, and a focus on cool music. I’m liking!

Apologies for slight tardiness today by the way. This post would have happened about 3 hours earlier had I not taken the two M’s for a walk. They meandered over to a puddle (harmless enough thought I, and anyway it’s hot) only to then splash and jump and roll in the most stagnant muddy thing on earth. Then they leapt all over me and all three of us stunk and were dripping with mud. People laughed as I walked past. Consequently we’ve all been in the bath, just not together!

Anyway, let’s ignore smelly dogs (they’ve both put themselves to bed now, all the excitement has floored them), and enjoy flicking through the visual feast of the Ace Hotel. Have a good day everyone!

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