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The Best Ever New Year’s resolution you could make for your business!

This is the last business column of the year (scary that) as next Friday I’ll be doing a round up and taking a little blogging break until January. So I wanted to end this column with the best ever new years resolution you could make for your business.

It will turn it around! Promise!

The thing about New Year’s resolutions is that as great as they sound at the time they rarely ever get accomplished, the tiniest percentage of us ever follow them though me included. Talking of me I make lists endless lists of all the things I haven’t accomplished during the year. Every December around about this time of year I would grab a glass of wine in the evening and sit down and write all the things that I can do better with the business. It generally was quite a long list. Until recently that is.

This year has seen the business expand faster than any of us ever anticipated in lots of new different and exciting directions. Most of it has come about because of a new approach I have been taking.

There is a school of thought, championed by Spencer Greenberg (chairman of investment firm Rebellion Research and founder of Clearer Thinking) who states instead of figuring out what is wrong with your business instead optimise what is right.Basically it all comes down to attitude and as cheesy as this may sound you can and will push your business further by leveraging on what is right and not what is wrong with it. What happens with this approach is that you start drilling down into all those things that are super successful and are working well and then you start asking yourself questions as to how to make them even better.

I’ll give you an example we knew that faux flowers have worked for our business for quite a long time. They are one of our biggest sellers so rather than sitting back congratulating ourselves and patting ourselves on the back we thought hold on a minute how can we make them even more successful. Light bulb moment – start producing faux’s ourselves! Our own label one’s. So after enormous amounts of research we started working with factories to produce the coolest faux plants anybody has ever seen. It means we are now in control of everything, the quality, the design, the quantity and although we have had to invest a sum that makes my eyes water strategically it’s the right move as the profitability of the business could go through the roof if it all works out. So we drilled down into one of the most lucrative parts of the business and optimised it to the max.

It’s kind of empowering, (scary too if I’ m honest) this optimising business. Leveraging upon the things that are successful and working and pushing them further creates more opportunities for your business to succeed.

As I’ve said on numerous occasions I am a glass half empty kind of gal I’ll always lean to the negative not the positive. However this way of thinking totally works. Not looking at the flaws but leveraging on the good things has pushed our business further. One minute we’re designing faux plants; next minute I’m saying to Gem and G I want a whole department store of our own label. It’s lead us down a new exciting, exhilarating path this year. Will it be successful I don’t know the answer to that yet we are launching it in Paris in January so I will keep you posted. I just know that I love it, and I’m so proud of it. I’ve listed to my gut and produced things that I want to have in my own home. My gut hasn’t let me down yet. Let’s hope it remains that way hey!

I wish anyone who has a business or is thinking of starting one a very prosperous and empowering 2014!




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