10 Sep

The Finishing Touches

Morning, another  post shot straight from the hip this morning so again forgive its shortness as again behind schedule. Have found some amazing pieces for the store cannot wait to showcase them to you guys from incredible vases (very cowboy esq) to beautiful beautiful to die for wallpaper, to a life size rhino coffee table crafted from wood! Bonkers, possibly but all cool, promise you oh and  all of which I’ve ordered for home as well as the store. Happy happy days. Oh and today I get the afternoon off to wander around Paris, the weather has been beyond beautiful  (you tend to forget whats going on in the world at the show) so cannot wait for that!

So down to business pronto,  the thing about this show and this post is how  transformative it is when you accessorize. Seeing stands turned from drab to fab from nothing to jaw on floor, multi layered spaces brimming with vases, furniture, lighting, rugs, art, candles, flowers its all about the details.
The devil as they say is in the detail – so layer away don’t worry about mixing styles just reign in the colour palette and then you can mix baroque style vases with modern mirrors, or funny little sketches with cool objects.

Have no fear, no boundaries  and layer away, do that and magic starts to happen.

Happy Monday

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