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I’m hugely, HUGELY beyond excited to show you guys our latest SS16 botanicals collection, which launches today. This season we’ve expanded our famous faux range to include the most incredible collection of grasses (you should see how many samples were all over my pad at Christmas!), cacti, ferns, and of course flowers.

It’s definitely feeling like Spring is in the air with the most beautiful selection of garden flowers. Think romantic heirloom roses, blowsy hydrangeas, tendrils of sweet peas and spiraea… Also we’ve launched a new range of meadow flowers, which are to die for, and a totally new direction for fauxs. We’ve introduced wildflowers, native lavender varieties and foliages. Speaking of the new wave of floristry, right now it’s all about championing a cooler, looser free-form style: we want to capture the vibe of that “just picked from the hedgerow” softness.AbiFlowDec15_002_0053

Bouquets are back with a vengeance too. Gem has created some magical ones this season, partnering grasses with flowers, meadow with foliages – all wild and all seasonally driven. Also, ahem, perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day or treating mum on Mother’s Day. Just saying! Gem’s also ramped up her busy schedule with many more new flower workshops, so if you fancy learning how to create the bouquets for yourself please do come along.

It’s taken a phenomenal amount of work but I think (if I’m allowed to say such things) that we’ve really pulled something magical out of the bag. You can see the whole collection online, and pre-order now with totally free shipping. Yep – free shipping on all plants and flowers! Oh and do check out the brochure it’s sooo fab. All photographs are as always by my good bud and truly amazing photog Graham Atkins-Hughes.


The Abigail Ahern Flowers cabin at Heal’s will have all the garden flowers arriving this week, and the grasses, rushes, meadow and plants will be hitting stores later this month. We’re also revamping Upper Street at the end of the month to expand the botanical range available in Upper Street. When we launched our AW range last year the demand was huge, so we’ve scaled up big time. There’ll be tons more botanicals in store, plus cute styling tips and other new arrivals. I cannot wait!

I do hope you guys like it. It’s quite weird because we’ve been working on this for the best part of a year and when you work so far in advance you’re mind is constantly racing ahead onto the next thing. But today I want to take a breather and just revel in what we have created. I’m super proud – as I say on our brochure we’re taking faux botanicals out of the closet! These are not your usual fauxs.

A little titbit of what’s coming in interior wise too – amazing wall sculptures, new textural wall panels (which are TDF), incredible vases, rugs, tables, gold accessories and so much more. I’ve nabbed plenty for my pad, so if you’re on instagram you’ll probably have seen them dotted around the place. Well they’ll all start filtering in from the end of the month. So as you can see we’re super excited Spring is nearly here. Happy 1st of Feb everybody!



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