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The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives is what’s sitting on my coffee table right now. It’s a gorgeous hefty coffee table book by Kim Ficaro & Todd Nickey, published by Rizzoli. I like nothing else than being a sticky beak, (Aussie slang for a nosey parker!) and this book nails it. It peaks into 17 houses belonging to creative types from designers to writers, and you get a real insight into their personal abodes. Better still, the whole book is shot by Ditte Isager whose photography I adore.

As well as being half of the brainy team behind The Inspired Home, Kim Ficaro is also an NYC prop and interior stylist. We had a quick chat about her book, favourite shopping tips for New York, and what this busy woman is working on next!

Kim Ficaro

How did you come up with The Inspired Home?

The Inspired Home was born out of an idea with my good friend Todd Nickey, who is a Los Angeles based interior designer and owner of the NK Shop. All of the subjects we photographed were people who intrigued us – artists, designers, musicians and other creatives. We also didn’t style or decorate any of the homes for the photoshoots – we wanted to display each place authentically. Our photographer Ditte was perfect for capturing this essence of a place, and just letting spaces be as they are.

The Inspired Home isn’t your typical interiors book. Instead it’s more of a collection of interesting, creative people telling the story of how they live, their style, and what home means to them.



Inside The Inspired Home

What does home mean to you?

Well, home is not about perfect decorating or styling. It is about all the elements in your life that come together, where you find solace, or where you have chaos, or what just works for how you live. For me home means a lot, and you should be able to discover the personality of the people who live there. I live with things that make me happy, that are simple and that I love. At the end of the day, surround yourself with what you love, in every sense.

What have you added to your home recently?

A transformation that’s been going on in my home for the past three months has been the amount of plants, trees, and foliage that I’m bringing inside. They purify, circulate energy, and look great, and add yet another layer to a home.

Favourite place in NYC?

I have lived in NYC and Brooklyn for 20 years, and this is such a hard question! I could tell you about the amazing food, shops, art, music… the list really is endless, but I’ve just about managed to narrow it down to a few.

Warm or the best clothes, accessories, yummy fragrances, and home items anyone can ask for. Mogador for good wine, delicious Moroccan and Mediterranean food, a beautiful atmosphere, and a garden you can stay in all night. They’re an old-school type of restaurant, and have been in the East Village forever. John Derian, also in the East Village is always my go-to for vintage glassware and wonderful rugs. Joinery in Williamsburg has beautiful Brazilian textiles and local ceramics. Also ABC Home of course! Their new basement dedicated to the kitchen is perfection.

My favorite thing about NYC is that we’re all really different, (which is the best), but we’re all part of one unified city. New Yorkers come together in the most kickass way!


Where do you find inspiration?

I have had a real love affair with Mexico this past year. Particularly Mexico City, and the Sayulita and Tulum beach towns. I’ve been inspired by the colors, the vibrancy, the handmade textiles and simplicity of design. I find inspiration in so many ways. I am not interested in the perfectly designed home, but I am always interested to see how people live.

Top styling trick?

My number one styling trick would be to always play with scale, as it helps with creating a little tension in your arrangements. I know this is one of Abigail’s top tips too, but it’s so true! Also create layers to give spaces another dimension, and an extra pop of interest.

What’s next?

I’ve been styling the first homeware only catalog for Anthropologie home, and that’s due to come out next week. All their products are so beautiful and inspiring, so it really was a dream project to work on.

I’ve just completed a capsule collection with Canvas Home too. I know and love the brand, as I’ve styled their catalog for the past three years. It was a natural progression for us to do a collaboration together. The pieces are minimal, utilitarian and simple, with a touch of bohemian!


Kim Ficaro x Canvas


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