The Mighty Chair

The Mighty Chair

I am chair obsessed. They effortlessly pull rooms together and good ones are chic and timeless. If your space is lacking a focal point, or feels a little off, consider adding in this mighty piece of furniture. From deep, comfy occasional armchairs with plush seating to something more lightweight, you can never have too many chairs. You can add formality, or go for a casual vibe. When you mix opulent and upholstered with sleek, rugged and worn, something amazing happens. I have chairs everywhere, from landings to alcoves. 

It’s a little harder when it comes to dining chairs to mix in such a freehand way, as six to ten mismatched chairs around a table can look super messy.  This is quite a tricky look to pull off, so I tend to mix in pairs.  As much as I’m all for a lively rhythm of heights around a room, I think when it comes to dining chairs, the seat height and back need to be similar otherwise it can feel a little disjointed. Give each piece some companions that share a colour, style or finish. Matching lines and shapes will help to unify everything.  

Also where you place your “Mighty Chair’ in your room layout needs to also be considered. One of my pet peeves is furniture placed round the perimeter of the room - it reads as extremely stuffy and boring.  The idea is to create conversational nooks that look welcoming and entice you to nestle in for an afternoon cuppa or an evening read. One of the best ways to get your furniture placement right is to experiment. Don’t get stuck into one layout, shift, reorientate. It will ensure that your ‘Mighty Chair’ sits beautifully and gets  the attention that it commands. 

I’m always trying to think of unusual combinations when it comes to mixing furniture.  So for your mighty chair think about putting a sweet upholstered footstool or cute table next to it.  Style it up with a lamp and some botanicals to introduce some more textural layers.  

Textiles are also key for your ‘Mighty Chair’ and consideration should be given to the shape, form, material and colour of the chair.  I have a concrete one in my lounge which I soften with a sheepskin, it’s a perfect combination but also highlights the beauty of the smooth concrete. Slubby cushions, cotton throws and knitted blankets, whatever you choose, ensure that they sit back and let your ‘Mighty Chair’ do the talking,  

In my interior books and classes I always include a chapter about statement pieces. I recommend  that every room contains at least three to intrigue and excite the eye.  Your Mighty Chair is an ideal candidate, especially if it’s oversized and/or made of an exciting material, just ensure that you repeat that material or colour somewhere else in the room, even if it’s a small accessory or sculpture as this will create a more balanced look and feel to your space. 

I have just added some beautiful chairs to our furniture collection.  

The Emery Butterfly Chair (pictured) is such a design classic. I have a couple dotted around my pad.  Our current piece is made from a soft tan leather and looks just as amazing paired with dark or neutral shades. Pop a small wooden stool next to it with a ceramic vase in a complimentary colour and voila!! You have a super stylish nook.

Also just added is the Brockton Leopard Print Armchair. This is a showstopper in our Islington Store and gets a lot of customer admiration.  It’s soft velvet fabric looks sumptuous and inviting and the neutral colour palette means it will sit well within most decorating schemes and the subtle pattern is perfect for adding even more interest to compliment your existing decor.

If you want to replicate the laid back interior vibes of your favourite Ibizan hang out then look no further than the Surman Armchair. Carved from olive wood, it’s dark textured frame perfectly complements it’s slubby cotton cushions.  If your outside area is undercover and the chair can be protected from the elements, enjoy sitting back with a cocktail in the warmer evenings, pop on some chilled tunes, light some candles and switch on the twinkly lights to really transport you to sunnier shores. 

Whatever style you choose, don’t underestimate ‘The Mighty Chair’ and what it can add to your space. Take care to choose your style and invest in the right piece for your home. I have chairs that have been with me for years but have had several different locations around my pad.  Conversational nooks,  pockets of sanctuary and cosy hangouts, create your area and enjoy your hard working asset.

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