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Retail as we know it is going through turbulent times. Brands are closing left right and centre 8,642 closures to be exact in America, department stores are struggling, and having to rethink how they operate. Life as it used to be in retail land is no longer. In part, I think this is a good thing, so many stores are run by accountants and accountants are all about margins, bottom lines and P&L – obviously that is not a bad thing. But accountants (and I’m speaking generally here) don’t like to much alchemy and when you start spouting about magic, visual and sensory stimulation and flying in life size camels made from scraps of fabric, that cost 5K and will make jaws hit flaws, they get a bit upset!

My point is that unless the people at the helm are obsessed with the products they are offering, and hair pull over every little detail retail suffers. I don’t shop in boring stores anymore; I buy whatever I need online.  Bedding, pots, pans you name it. I only shop in stores where I feel tantalised and engaged and where I want to buy into the lifestyle, even if it’s a small candle or napkin.  So, I happen to think for retail to survive in this day and age you have to do things differently. Do that and you have the opportunity to create a powerful incredible brand that delights customers.

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  • Caroline O neill on February 25, 2018

    Absolutely-totally uninterested in generic shops,where nothing excites me-I’m quite partial to (fake) deer heads,with eyelashes and cool headphones-and would love to see your camel ? ?

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