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It’s official. Spring is pretty much upon us I reckon. The days are lighter (even finishing work in daylight hours sometimes at the mo! Whoop), the blossom has come out in my ‘hood and all I can think of is shaking out the rugs, pulling back the double-height door and getting outside. Granted it’s still pretty chilly, so beanie hat, gloves and ginormous coat are still obligatory for morning dog walks. But I’m definitely feeling that buzz that only a new season gives you.

The pad is officially getting spruced up too. I’ve been zigzagging back and forth from here to Stockholm, Singapore, you name it, so it’s been feeling a bit neglected in my absence. First up is a pretty damn good spring clean and scrub. Then I’m bringing in tons of new plants. We’ve just got the most amazing new ferns, feathery willows and beautiful gnarled olive trees into store. All faux (of course) but they’ve fooled most people so far! I’m going to nab a few to replace the wintry foliage that I’ve had dotted around the place since November. Nothing enlivens a space like greenery.

This got me thinking about the power of green in general. I’ve always been a huge fan, but it’s clearly having something of a “moment” right now. Greenery was Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017, and it’s just been on all the catwalks at fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York. One of my all-time favourite colour palettes is Madison Grey – a murky, deep bottom of the lake grey-green – harmonised with brighter shots of green from plants and art, plus black and metallic accents. Lush, energising yet soothing, sophisticated and timeless yet unexpected. Love. Having just gotten back from Southeast Asia and being surrounded by all that lushness I am finding myself more and more drawn to this part of the world. The weather, the food, and all the amazing greenery, I even found a store that I so want. The financial team didn’t look so pleased when I got off the plane and literally started working on a strategy to get us out there but I am so inspired. Singapore really got under my skin which I didn’t actually expect it to – its a bit like when you first fall in love and you can’t stop thinking about that person – that’s me right now with Singapore. I just need to sort the milk situation out on the coffee front (lots of long life problems) but that’s minor, I can set up a dairy at the same time!

Enough on me with a nod to Spring (and St. Patrick’s Day too!), here’s a round up of my favourite greens – from plants and paint hues to furniture, vases and accessories. Hope it’s just the pick-me-up you need. Happy Friday everyone!


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