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Welcome to our new collection of faux flowers, plants and botanicals! Gosh I am so excited to be unveiling these. We’ve bid adieu to summer and embraced the new season with gusto. With a chill in the air we’ve placed particular emphasis on rich autumnal colours – think velvety chocolates, deep wine plums and burgundies and gorgeous hues of burnt orange, russet and bronze  – all complemented with our permanent palette of greenery and soft winter whites. We’re sensitive to the seasons and even more sensitive to a restrained palette it means we can mix all the blooms far more easily and everything goes with everything.



This season we’ve upped the ante once again. Our latest collection of faux botanicals are the the next level in stunning artificial flowers. The blooms evoke that wild, untamed English country garden vibe, with whimsical hydrangeas, amazing real-touch peonies, roses, blossom, and ferns and foliage such as evergreen sprigs and gorgeous trailing succulents.


Gem and I spend a lot of time in China perfecting these flowers, as we are obsessed with making them the most beautifully realistic we can. From handpainted colours and slightly torn petals, we don’t want anything too perfect and unrealistic. With blooms such as our hydrangea for instance, we’re looking to capture the look when flowers are in full bloom but just about on the turn – that exquisite moment just before they wilt. That’s when they’re most beautiful if you ask me!


We focus on rare breed and heirloom varieties and have a gorgeous selection of branches, berries and native foliages this season. The meadow flowers are the coolest yet too and we’ve also bulked up our plant selection from the sweetest little succulents to trailing ferns and some seriously bumper large plants. Wait ’til you see the new cacti folks! They’re just so cool.



We love to take things that people are often snooty about in interiors and turn them into something cool, luxurious and seriously desirable.We’ve been passionate about championing and building a new loose, natural way with flowers. You won’t find any stuffy, outdated round “domed” arrangements anywhere in our world. Faux flowers are our forte, and we think they deserve just as much love and attention as the real thing. That’s why we have a team of trained florists in our Abigail Ahern Flowers store, plus we’re looking to run tons more workshops to share all their knowledge with you guys too. Gem puts together arrangements that look deceptively simple but are totally amazing. Once you learn how to do it you’ll never look back. All our new classes will be up next week – spaces are extremely limited just to warn so it’s best to book early! I’ll put out reminders across the blog and social once they go live, so stay tuned.


As corny as this sounds, having flowers cheers up every and any room for me. That’s why I love fauxs so much – I could never afford to fill my pad top to bottom with fresh ones that I had to replace every week, but this way they last forever. Oh and thanks also for all the fabulous entries to my hashtag challenge on instagram – they were such a fun read, from #fauxselecta to #gowiththefaux! However the winning entry was “are you faux real?” from @sukiparker. Yes, yes we are. If you’d like to share snaps of our flowers in store, your fave fauxs or even your own arrangements please stick them on instagram with #areyoufauxreal as the hashtag. Can’t wait to see!




Thanks to Graham Atkins-Hughes, as ever, for all the fabulous photography.

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