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Think like an entrepreneur it will change the way you work!

Posted on November 14 2014

For today’s column I wanted to investigate the power of thinking. More specifically the power of  thinking like an entrepreneur . When you do so you’ll find that not only will your business become more successful so will your attitude. Changing your mind-set changes your perspective, which in so doing makes your business more profitable at least that is what has happened with ours. Here is how:

Don’t wait for recognition

Once you’ve launched something move on immediately. Don’t sit about waiting for praise, recognition, opportunities, rounds of applause as you walk down the street. Nothing happens. Repeat absolutely nothing happens. There are no reviews, no accolades, no customers even you have to go out and find them and work really hard to get them. So congrats you’ve launched something go celebrate, raise a glass have a party but then the next day don’t linger about lack of recognition go create some.

No one ever got successful sitting around waiting for accolades its all about refining, evolving and pushing your business and its brand out there continually. It never stops I hate to say!

Think strategically

You need a strategy no matter how new or how old your business. No winging it or hoping things will turn out for the best. It’s all about writing down your goals and then going about the daily task of executing a plan to reach them. Never think you can’t do something no matter the obstacles, entrepreneurs are people who are willing to go all out and reach their goal.

I don’t really believe in luck, maybe because luck has never happened to me. I’ve never been in the right place at the right time professionally speaking so I’ve literally had to create mine, through strategizing and planning and taking calculated risks. All decisions I make are from fact based thinking, products I design and buy are from the heart. Important tip here is that decisions are never based on emotional assumptions. Just hard and fast facts!

Have a routine & time plan

I am disciplined I rise at 5, kiss the M’s, make coffee, publish the blog, and then hour plan my day, it runs like a well oiled machine. I find it helps creatively, it keeps me focused. The downside is I don’t pace myself so I can quite often still be sitting in the same spot 12 hours later with few breaks!

I didn’t use to time plan but nowadays I’m super organised. Days, weeks, months, trips aboard are all in the diary. We are (scary as this sounds) actually working on Spring 2016 so much of next year and early into spring 2016 is all planned out. With such a crazy schedule I can only spend time on what is important which is why my time is managed super carefully and time boxed and its made the hugest difference.


I get pulled in many different directions with this business so its super easy to become distracted but I’ve developed the ability to make decisions instantly. This is a skill set that has happened organically for me but with so many balls in the air there is no time for procrastination. You create your own destiny no one else! No luck, no being in the right place at the right time, just you. You can overcome anything and absolutely determine your business growth if you are focused.

Study your competitors

By analysing what your competitors do, drilling down into what makes their business so successful and then running such ideas via your individual filter will introduce you to new ways of thinking about your business. I’m not talking about copying I’m talking about being inspired by and excited by people who are doing better than you and then figuring out why! Take paint for example for years I had brought dark paint from other brands but over time wasn’t happy with the depth so I developed my own range which is inkier, sludgier and more bottom of the lake than anything out there and its selling like hot cakes!

Perfection is over rated

I’ve mentioned this a lot in past posts but I’m saying it again. No creative is ever totally pleased. There is no absolute satisfaction with what you’ve done, more like there is always this slight dissatisfaction some inner voice telling you maybe next time you could have done this or that better.

I happen to think it’s a good thing, your business is an evolving process and there is no limit to what you can achieve. Every time you do something it will be better than the last time you did it at least that is how I see it. Onwards, upwards, forwards!

Happy Weekend and huge congrats to my Online Retail Class  you’ve just completed week 3! Two more weeks to go and then we’re all be raising a glass!







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