This raddest biggest game changer you can do to your house

Here’s a fact. Scale is one of the most under considered components in the decorating puzzle. For some reason people are scared to dabble with it and I wonder why. When I say scale I’m talking about the visual size of things. Rooms need big things, no matter how big or how small the space may be. If everything were the same exact size nothing would stand out so the reason for upscaling is to create more interest and drama and when you do the pieces always look grander and more expensive than they really are! It’s the simplest trick out there I promise, and such a game changer.

Now I know this might sound odd but we want to create friction in our spaces when we design them and we absolutely don’t want them to balance and make sense all the time because otherwise they tend to feel a little too uptight. Accessories are the easiest thing to upscale. Infact when figuring out our own label collection I was determined to have some supersized pieces in there for this very reason – they act as an instant focal point.

You’ll see from the slideshow our canyon vases successfully layered together with their varying heights as well as the huge glass vessel which I’ve plonked everywhere in my pad. Having accessories that are statement worthy adds instant grandeur to tables, shelves and mantles as they shout ta da, look at me in an intriguing kind of way. Overdose on it I say it’s a bit like converting across to the darkside once you’ve taken the plunge there is simply no going back. I mean like EVER!



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