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Morning, it’s a really chilly one today! Apologies for slightly late posting – Gem and I have been to market to gather armfuls of greenery and gorgeous foliage for dressing the house (more on that later!) and then dashed to the shop for a VM revamp. Our bumper sale weekend decimated the store a bit, so we’re there to refresh it in time for Christmas. Speaking of, one to the subject of today’s post.

Winter means more time in doors and nothing makes that time more enjoyable than snuggling up on the sofa, lighting some incense or a fragrant candle and opening a book and just chilling. Of course in order to want to do that you’ll need a cosy cave, one that will wrap you up and make you never want to leave. Here’s how to create that warm squishy contentment in your own pad.

Add cushy pieces

I’m talking poufs, Rastas, pieces that are close to the ground, have no hard lines and beckon you to plonk. I’ve got such things all over my pad. Rastas by chairs, our Carlton cube holding a stack of papers and kindling for the fire – they instantly add a laid back vibe.

Back to black

I know I say this a lot but a can of dark paint is the biggest game changer when it comes to creating a cosy hideaway. White and pale hues can never be made to look warm in my opinion, it’s just not possible. Whereas inky, sludgy, bottom of the lake type hues always evoke the feeling of snugness.

Wood adds warmth

Little tables, the odd console, maybe a bench – wooden pieces have instant character and add both softness and depth, very integral when you want to cozify things.


Curl up with a good book

A little heap on a coffee table, a stack on a shelf they are the simplest trick to making your space feel instantly cozier and more library-esq. I have them everywhere! If you want some good coffee table recommendations, check out the book club section of the blog.

Voila! Everything you need for the chicest hibernation ever.


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