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Top tips to cosy up your home

I never used to like winter. Cold dark evenings, just grim. But now I’m going out on a limb and saying I think I actually prefer it! Autumn/Winter vibes are much more me, the colours, the fashion and obviously most all the excuse to stay in and cosy up your pad. I love this house in the evening, it’s so snug and super cosy. It doesn’t matter where you live by the way – whether you’re in LA or Down Under – you can still create the cosiest atmosphere anywhere. These are my go-to cosifying tips, oh and also I should say if you want to see a pad that nails snuggly cosy textures, check out this morning’s House Crush post!


Candlelight. Never underestimate the power of lighting. It really is the most transformative thing, particularly candlelight. I light 13 t-lights every night. Does that sound a lot? They’re dotted around on the kitchen island, dining table, coffee tables and side tables. Then if it’s not too windy I’ll light all the hanging t-lights suspended in trees outside which is probably at least another 20! It’s a beautiful way of decorating and dead cheap.


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