22 May


I am so not a trends person. I don’t follow them, get inspired by them, listen to them – so why am I even telling you what trends to look out for? Well, in my defence these shout-outs are things you will always want in your arsenal, so don’t think of them as fleeting trends, think of them as some seriously cool out of the box ideas that every interior needs:

Here goes in no particular preference:


Symmetry is boring – it’s so easy to pull together and therefore it feels like decorating by numbers. I prefer when things are a little disoriented. Anything that feels harder to grasp, slightly off and uneven, feels way cooler.


Cashmere, velvet anything that makes cushions, throws and upholstery can feel instantly opulent. I’ve had my George Smith burnt caramel, cashmere sofa for 18 years and I’m as obsessed with it now, as I’ve ever been. I love our


Relaxed interiors are the best design for any home, where we creatively design and curate our homes as true expressions of ourselves. Our feelings are in the pieces we buy as are our personalities. In this crazy world where ideas spread like wild fire, hold onto your own creative ideology and express yourself through your home décor.


I am still excited from my trip to Vietnam, it was such an inspiring sourcing trip. I also fell in love with Saigon coffee – cold coffee over ice with carnation milk. I know, it sounds totally yuk, says this single estate organic milk and coffee obsessive, but in temperatures reaching the high 30’s, its totally addictive. I digress, unique home accents that show the hands that have crafted them are timeless additions to any interior.



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