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Turn up the volume with these tantalising colour combos!

I love dabbling with colour combinations. Why? The results are so intoxicating that is why. I know it sounds super scary but once you get over that fear you’ll never look back I promise. I totally think any room can take some bold gestures and a few shots of vivid. Even better if that room happens to be small because bold hues make tiny spaces automatically feel bolder and edgier than they really are. Clever that! It’s a trick I use all the time. One particular combo that turns up the volume is turquoise and red. It may sound a bit scary but when done well that sharp contrast between the two can look super glam!

Check out the apartment on the slide show designed by Nick Olsen – super intoxicating. Of course you don’t have to go the whole hog you could subtly add say a sprinkling of red and turquoise cushions to a navy sofa, or small accessories rocking a similar hue on the mantle.  I’m of the mind-set to embrace it like Nick has done, with a beautiful leather headboard and as for that blue suede door with polished nickel nail heads, love!  Shame I’ve taken all the doors off in our house – might have to change that!

All images  House Beautiful

Turn up the volume1Turn up the volume



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