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You know me by now – I am always one not to follow trends and go by my gut feeling. That’s why I won’t be following the pastel yellows and cherry greens this spring. My home is a reflection of who I am and my personal sense of style. I celebrate my individuality where there are no rules – that is why, my spring will be oozing with inky blues, rich dark colours to make my space feel cosy, elegant and indulgent.


Photo: My cosy sitting room

For me, it’s much more interesting to play with colour then to play it safe. Matching is out. Bright pops of colour are in. They can make you grin with delight, add drama and movement, and (believe it or not) mix beautifully with their neutral counterparts. When you add vivid intoxicating hues like sizzling orange or a deep dark blue, you’ll fund that they automatically make you want to linger longer in a space. Promise!

Paint is the cheapest change you can make to any room and it’s a game changer. Be warned that dark colours can look really bad when that first coat of paint goes up, so don’t quit after the first application. I know from heaps of experience that when the next coat goes up, magic happens. Paint out the trim, windows, floor, doorframes and ceiling in the same colour as the walls. When you blur the lines between the walk and ceiling, the space automatically feels taller, grander, more sophisticated. You’ve created infinity!


Photo: My bedrooms infinity ceiling 

Be bold in your colour choice this spring. By pushing your colour boundaries it will utterly reinvent your space, turning it into a place you will never want to leave.  I suffered from colour paralysis for years, deciding on the paint colour for one room is hard enough, let alone working out palettes for the whole house. Should they clash or work together?

I love these colour combinations:


Everything started to change when I began dabbling in different colours and taking risks. For me choosing a colour is like picking what you cook for supper. Each colour (ingredient) has a different flavour and each can be combined to a tantalising effect.

Mercer Green interiors

Photo:Mercer Green

Green is the colour of 2017 – it is meant to represent refreshment and revitalisation – something we could all do a bit off. I love my Mercer Green, it’s dark, mysterious and musters feelings of excitement and calm. Get your hands on a pot below. I’m off to think about Easter – stay tuned for my Easter styling tips!

Spring colour combinations:

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