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We pride ourselves here at AA HQ on being highly professional. Always on time to the studio, always giving every single project 100%, never slacking off, no hungover office days, no procrastinating (well almost never). See, professional to the utmost! Regrettably, this attitude does not seem to be shared by the whole team. Namely the two M’s.

I don’t know what it is but they’re always at their naughtiest when there’s something important happening – major meeting or conference call? Cue manic barking at squirrels. Job interviews? You can guarantee they’ll start wrestling under the desk. But photoshoots are the absolute worst! The minute the camera comes out so do the games. Jumping on the freshly made, perfectly styled bed. Mucking up new sample textiles with a bone that they’d dug up from the garden (nice). Refusing to shift out of shot… they’re such camera-loving little divas!

I came across these old pictures (photoshoot bloopers, shall we say) and wanted to share with you. We have another photoshoot coming up next week, and fingers crossed I can only hope they’re better behaved. Meanwhile, good morning from me and the M’s. They’re barking at top whack, zooming around the lower ground floor and generally causing chaos. Not the most professional these two, unlike moi of course!



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