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Walsh St House

I love Aussie design, and Walsh St House is a bit of an icon down under. It was all designed by architect extraordinaire Robin Boyd, and has tons of ideas that we can steal for our own pads too. I’m totally in love with the colour palette, the charcoal smudgy, inky tones butting up against rich reds and purples is a glam and sophisticated way of pulling off the pops of colour look. The surfaces really up the ante too from copper features in the bathroom to frosted glass and exposed brick and wood cladding. The walls make such a fab backdrop that even simple bookcases look cool against them! I’m obsessed with textured walls just now, I’m thinking about doing up the guest bedrooms and really considering experimenting with some different wall treatments in there.

Maybe most important of course is the views of all the greenery and the light flooding the whole house. That whole sense of light and space is one of the things I miss most about living in the States, particularly now when it’s dark at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon every day in London! It’s just a shame I can’t steal that stunning courtyard and Aussie weather for my place too. Hope you enjoy all the house inspiration – there are extra pictures and more info about the Walsh St House here.

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