I’ve learned a lot about myself through running my own business. I’ve learned that I’m not a quitter, I’ve learned that I am obsessed and passionate and completely intoxicated with and about interiors and that it’s all I want to do. I’ve learned that despite this I will still get grumpy if I work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week (no brainer that one!). I’ve learned that I need to be better at managing people (I hate managing people it’s the worst part by far of this job). I’ve learned that by having better time management skills I can do so much more and I’ve learned that early morning swimming or yoga classes help my positivity and my attitude.

I’ve learned that there will be many sleepless nights – whether for good or bad. Sometimes I’m so excited by the future and our plans I literally cannot sleep; other days will be so bad I can’t wait to get to bed to shut my eyes and try to forget what’s gone wrong. I’ve learned that having a business gives me this crazy set of emotions – ups, downs and all arounds. I’ve also learned never to make decisions during emotional times.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that you’re never done. I know that sounds weird or oddly negative but actually I don’t think it is. You give something your all and you do your very best. And then you do it all over again but better. There isn’t some magical secret as to why we’ve managed to succeed and are still here 12 years later while others have failed. It’s simply that retail is hard – if it were easy everyone would be doing it! You need to make sure you’re not overtaken or swamped by the competition.  The minute it gets easy is the minute we’ve lost our footing I honestly believe that – if I’m not feeling that something is hard and at times impossibly difficult then it’s over I reckon.

I’m proud at what I’ve achieved but there is so much more I feel we can do, we’ve hardly scratched the surface. I just need to be living to at least 200 so I can achieve more!


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