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What’s my style?

Another morning of thank you’s from me to you guys for being so kind about our new own label collection I revealed yesterday. It means so much I can’t tell you. It’s been such a game changer for our business in that its propelled it into such new exciting waters.  Like I say so many times in the biz column it makes running a retail store a breeze, which it isn’t except manufacturing is a whole different level of stress but even more exciting . Anyways lets talk style.

Defining your personal style is really hard don’t you think? Labelling your aesthetic so if falls into a certain camp or tribe or style is difficult, in fact its easier to spot when you are on the outside rather than the inside. I get asked so many times in the press to define my style and I struggle with pinpointing it because I’m a little bit glam, a tad boho. I borrow from the boys (am drawn to their masculine style) but then I’m obsessed with flowers, I love tribal, and elements of modern. Confused yet it’s a mash up right!

I like drinking coffee from hand thrown vessels but then wine and cocktails I can easily sip from a little jam jar or from those sweet glass French yoghurt pots. I love huge round mirrors, and teeny tiny ones. I’ll partner flea with modern, high street with mid century. My artwork is all over the place from expensive gallery pieces to fleas to Ikea.

I remember the first time when we exhibited at Paris so many Europeans came up to say ah British non? I mean we didn’t put GB stickers all over the stand, hang up the flag or sing God Save the Queen all day so how did they figure it? Over to you guys – can you define my style do you think in a nutshell? I would be so interested to here. Oh and for the coolest quote I’ll send you (that’s the royal I by the way I should say the store) will send you a Gift Voucher worth £60.



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